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TSLPRB 800 meter running second chance

TSLPRB 800 meter latest news

TSLPRB give a special chance to the disqualified students with the timing of 170.0001 to 170.49999.that candidates are rounded as 170 seconds.

and also chance given to the 100 meter disqualified students also.

these candidates are treated as qualified.

You can download official press note from below. link.

 Click here to download official press note.


800 meters Run

170 Seconds for Non-Ex-Serviceman / 200 Seconds for Ex-Serviceman rounded to zero decimal places; (e.g.: 170.0001 to 170.4999 Seconds rounded to 170 Seconds for Non-Ex-Serviceman, 200.0001 to 200.4999 Seconds rounded as 200 Seconds for Ex-Serviceman)

100 meters Run

15 Seconds (Non-Ex-Serviceman) / 16.5 Seconds (Ex-Serviceman) / 20 Seconds (Women) rounded to two decimal places; (e.g.: 15.0001 to 15.0049 Seconds rounded as 15.00 Seconds for Non-Ex-Serviceman, 16.5001 to 16.5049 Seconds rounded as 16.50 Seconds for Ex-Serviceman, 20.0001 to 20.0049 Seconds rounded as 20.00 Seconds for Women)



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