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Telangana DSC (TRT) Roster points for recruitment

In DSC notification for release in Telangana, the district posts are divided on the basis of caste-wise basis.
The roster points are specified below.
Roster points start with OC - (W)
2nd point for SC - (W)
33% wait age given for women's category in the TRT.
Roster points seperate to agency and plain area.
First time telangana government recruiting english medium posts in secondary grade teacher (SGT) level.
Qualification for secondary grade english medium teacher is passes SSC english as a 1st language./part - 1 english in intermediate/A english subject in bachelor degree.

Recruitment Roster for each 100 points.

Abservations :-

  1. OC - Open competition
  2. BC - Backwards Classes
  3. SC - Scheduled Caste
  4. ST - Scheduled Tribe
  5. W  - Women
  6. PH- Physically Handicaped


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